Welcome on my writer’s journal where I share thoughts on how to live a happy, peaceful, and Zen life as an alternative to the mostly unhappy mainstream lifestyle.

When I was young, I  discovered people were unsatisfied with their adult lives, and I as a vocation I wanted to help becoming happier. I set out on a path of sociology and writing to accomplish that.

But first, I had to become happier and well myself. Quitting the main capitalist road that lead to dissatisfaction and suffering, I found an alternative that I explore here. The alternative and zen path isn’t without difficulties, but it is worth it. I talk about it via love, family, veganism, minimalism, voluntary simplicity, punk rock, zen and spirituality, philosophy, homesteading, sustainability, natural health, training, ecology, social sciences, peaceful anarchy, unschooling, daily life, and other conscious alternatives.

As for my chosen lifestyle, I’ve been with my husband for 10 years and stay home unschooling my children, young twins and a baby. We live in the country, in Quebec, Canada. I’m a sociologist and a writer, and in my spare time, I’ve been blogging  for 5 years now. I have several English and French books in writing. I’m a peaceful martial artist. I’m also an artist, mostly with photography that you can see on the blog, paintings, and stamped metal.

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I’m looking forward to sharing and discussing with you. Thanks for being here and respecting the thoughts I share the best I can in all humility.



Note: My  texts are available for publication. You may contact me with the form below. I also blog in French at http://www.marieeveboudreault.com.


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