When Tired, What to Do? Being tired the blissful person way.

When tired what to do. The Tired But Blissful Buddha Way: When tired, be tired.

Most people in our society don’t know what to do when tired but to continue working hard, sometimes to exhaustion.

And most people think that being zen means being blissfully happy at all times. However, it means being aware in the moment.

At the moment, with the sun disappearing a lot in my hemisphere, and with great projects coming to an end, I feel blessed, but tired. And as a Zen practitioner, I allow myself to be. I will take most of winter off big projects.

When happy, be a happy Buddha (awakened person).
When sad, be a sad Buddha.
When tired, be a tired Buddha.

The results I find of allowing the emotions and not making a fuss out of our situation is that we recuperate and change of impermanent state quicker.

Are you tired too?

And if you embraced it?


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