Hey! I’m back.


Capturing moments of bliss


So… I’m back. Yep.

I could’t nap with my baby as this was swirling around in my heart and mind.

A few months ago, I did the work of rebranding most of my writings about family living This Parenting Thing and moving the website (take a look and subscribe here, you won’t regret you did I bet). I consider it as my work, and now new inspiring writers are joining in.

It’s professional, it’s has huge aspirations, I love it. I love writing to help and inspire, as well as blogging parts of my book in progress on parenting the early years.

But I won’t lie, I miss the easier free journaling I did here. I figured out since I hadn’t deleted this website to just get back at writing here as my personal blog. No massive social media design craze, just me talking about what I’d write in a diary and keeping the parts that can be of interest.

And a dream of mine is also to write a book (not sure on starting a professional blog on it yet, I might just write for the big ones out there and keep you updated on it) on becoming more aware – so few people seem to be, and it seems we’ll be heading a black hole on earth if things continue this way.

So once in a while I’ll write, without editing much, my heart out.

Things I think massively about but few notice.

Things I feel.

Things I sense.

Things that escape our capitalist world.

What being human could be all about.

Things I don’t have quite figured out yet.

Daily events unfolding that we should be aware of.

Thoughts on how to wake up of the human trance some of our leaders want us to be in, and some just seem to be adoring its golden prison.

So, if you like that idea still, stick around. And once in while, let me know what you think, what you ponder upon too these days. I’d love to know.

Let’s be real in this space, “Infinite awareness having a human experience” as writer David Icke puts it, in a world where more and more seem to be deconnected from each other and who we really are. Let’s talk about what being human in our days is really like, and how to be more aware. More awaken.

See ya around!



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