Live With Purpose: How to find your best, inspiring life statement

In one of the personal development books I read, but I’m not sure which one, something really powerful stuck in my memory. The author talked about creating a mission statement for our lives. I wrote about it too earlier in my first blogged book on doing what we love.

I think the life statement changes through life. This morning while I was meditating, I thought about the one that is in my life right now, knowing myself, helped with the Myers-Briggs personality type I have, Introversion-Sensation-Feeling-Perception.

My life statement is to create beauty and mindful joie-de-vivre daily.

Life statements come from deep inside. First, we have to be calm, at peace to be able to sense one. Then, we have to know ourselves, with our past experiences and personality profiling as posts to guide us to our purpose.

Once uncovered, life statements serve as unparalleled inner compasses to navigate daily life. We recognize there are strong winds at work, maybe something bigger than us, but we are also deciding in which direction our lives are going. It helps not to play a victim role, but to be the copilot of our lives.

I identified I need art everyday, be it to observe natural beauty, or create works and acts of art – it can be a budding little human, a beautiful sentence, an acrylic canvas, a quote on a photograph, a song, or a clean house and beautiful simple clothing. Also, I need to cultivate mindfulness and happiness everyday for myself, people close to me, and the outer world, be it for animals I don’t consume in my diet, or try to help and uplift other people’s lives.

Each life statement is personal to each one of us. We all have something meaningful to offer the world, that only we can do in this place and time.

This is why I suggest to come up with one right now, that we can refine with time, and insufflate our actions with the enthusiasm that comes with it as soon as we can.