Rewilding: Why and how to unplug from the Consuming Internet?

why and how to unplug from internet rewild zen life living alternative blog marie-Eve Boudreault author

The more I ponder upon it, the more I feel the need to unplug from the internet more often, to connect with myself, nature, and the whole.

I feel it’s unnatural to spend more than a few minutes on the wifi or cellular. This feeling is supported by science. There is a new allergy making its apparition, to cell phones. The radiation from our computers, cell phones, and similar devices is linked to raises in cancer, like brain tumors as reported by Natural News. The symptoms for me are being lost preoccupied by thoughts and an elevated heart rate.

I don’t need more stress in our days, and frankly, who does? I feel we need more zen though.

Spending a lot of times outdoors as well as on the Internet lately made me realize this truth. I have more free time lately since I rearranged my work schedule around the 40 hours a week studied by Henri Ford for a better efficiency and health.

I won’t disappear from the online world like I did try to do with Facebook a year or two ago. It all still feels like wonderful tools. But when I investigate what I do with them I don’t feel an added value of prolonged time on them.

Instead, I just want to carefully be on the internet.

I plan to turn off the wifi, and turn it on only if necessary, no more than 15 minutes a day, a few minutes at a time.

What I want to do with my time instead of wandering on the web is to do more meaningful activities. I’m slowly building a to-do list, like writing to people I love and who inspire me, meditate and explore outdoors, get to know my true nature more, and be more creative in my life.

Mostly unplugged from the web, but plugged to wholesomeness.


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