Year Review: It’s This Time of The Year


It’s this time of the year…

When you reflect on what your year has been.

On what you have done.

On what you could have done.

On what you should do better.

On what you want to do now or in the future.

On what is…

I take December and time as my children are playing and dinner cooking to ponder and type my stream of consciousness.

It has been a rough year. A high-risk pregnancy where I could barely function for months, and then I had to be on rest… with 3 kids at home.

It has been a fantastic year too. I got to see my  kids grow for another year – it has been 8 years at home so far. We had our fourth sweet child. I kept blogging to keep myself from stressing and put together a powerful parenting course, one I dreamed of. I started to make an interesting income blogging. I’m starting to have popular blogs; I blog for the Huffington Post. And our parenting community now is around 50,000 nice people.

I go to sleep thinking I may not have done much, but I was there and loved my family, I didn’t consume any drugs nor animals, we do our best at Zero Waste, and I try to encourage fellas, especially those who are also doing this parenting thing. I try to leave this world better than how I found it.

I’m on my way to my mission to: Thrive, help others thrive, and make this world a better place.

Now I need to reflect some more.

How can we best arrange our homeschooling and family time together? What do we want, now?

Do I want to start on the side a blog with my husband on our new passion (mountain biking)?

How can we arrange our financial situation?

How can I best use my spare time on my biz?

You should try writing your stream of consciousness, it’s pretty insightful. And it sets intentions for the next year.

Try this for starters: How has been your year and what do you want for the next one?


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