Nothing is more important than feeling GREAT!

L'abus, c'est non #MoiAussi

I decided, because it makes so much sense in my life in that I worked my ass off all of my life up to getting ill but still getting poor results, that the Law of Attraction makes sense in the way Abraham-Hicks explain it.

I choose to believe that if I Feel Great, Great Things will come to me.

I choose to be in the Vortex of awesomeness.

So tonight for a rare instance, I’m taking the night off. In fact, not really, because I had a day or two in the bank since I worked on my Holidays vacation, so it was a needed break.

No blog posts. Well on my working blog.

No daily newsletter.

Just plain youn’ me enjoying myself. We shouldn’t need a justification for that.

Our kids had a break – a breather too. Even if we started unschooling all the way again, I still ask that they do basic writing in their play, listen to French tv (cause their English is better), a small program just to make sure we follow mandatory guidelines.

So anyways, I’m alone tonight (should’ve asked hubby to take a day too, damn we’re too busy and that’s a red sign that we need to slow down) and it’s grand!

I will watch Ghost in the Shell by myself. It’s been so long since I haven’t done that, because I want to do my very best higher self thingy, and I hate wasting my precious time on earth, but I sense I also put off “living” a bit. A lot.

Let’s put feeling great above all else and grant that to each other.

I feel the world will be better this way.



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